Communication and Listening Skills.

Get your HR Foundations right

Too often we listen with our mouths! In other words we hear what someone says to us but then, instead of responding to their concerns, needs or fears, we leap in with our mouths wide open and tell them what we think, what our experiences were (which inevitably were far worse than theirs) and what they should do. We hear but do not listen, we acknowledge but do not understand their situation. In the workplace, this can be very damaging leading to loss of morale on the part of the employee concerned which in turn leads to disenchantment with the Company and possibly results in the employee leaving. At the very least their performance will suffer and that will have an effect on your business. 

Our half day Communication and Listening Skills seminar will: 

  • This seminar will not only help you to be more sensitive to your employees, it should also help your conversations with sales prospects.

  • identify a number of techniques for effective listening 

  • show how the way we talk to others can influence the way they respond

  • examine some of the barriers to effective communication 

  • look at ways of opening conversations up to lead to where you want to take them 

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