Recruitment Services

Let us help you do it right

One way of reducing the risk of staffing issues “down the line” is to make sure that you get the right people in place at the start. Recruitment involves a lot more than just putting a postcard in the newsagents’ window. You need to identify precisely what you want the new recruit to do, and you need to ensure that you get the right person for the job.

We can help you manage the whole process from identifying the job description right through to notifying the successful candidate. We would help you with short listing, inviting candidates for interview, constructing the right questions to ask, and even being part of the actual interview. If you feel confident in some of these areas and not others, we will just support you in the tasks that you feel comfortable. How flexible is that!

This whole process would be controlled by you, but informed and supported by us. It would cost a fraction of the fee charged by a recruitment agency.

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